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Prep for the Trail

We’ve got everything you need!

Grab Your Last-Minute Hiking Needs

Campo Green Store is a full-service grocery story ready to help you gear up for your next adventure. Located right off Highway 94 in Campo, California, close to the start of the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican Border to the Canadian Border, we know just what hikers are looking for. Check out what we have for you!


Best Selection of Craft Beers on the Mountain

We have the largest selection of craft beers in the backcountry. Plus, you’ll find an assortment of wines, including some from local vineyards and a large variety of liquor, in our store.

Propane Fills All Day, Rain or Shine!

Never run out of gas again. We specialize in hiker fuel canisters as well as ISO propane/butane canisters.

Why Choose Us 

  • Friendly, Reliable Service

  • Quality Household Goods and Toiletries

  • Fresh Produce and Meat


100g/3.53 oz Isobutane Fuel

HIGH PERFORMANCE - Gas One ISOBUTANE, a four season blend of butane and propane, guarantees a high-quality performance for cooking, backpacking, and other outdoor activity needs Isobutane, unlike other fuel sources can maintain consistent cooking press

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